Full Show 12/28/12: The 2012 Year End Rumble

Tonight's final 2012 "Big Picture Rumble" panel discusses the ups and downs of the year for progressives, focusing on four areas: taxes, the economy, the labor movement and our country's social safety net programs. The panel also discusses what issues and policies will likely make up 2013.


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Mark Saulys 4 years 46 weeks ago

"I'm against regulating behavior" that's what John Wayne Gacy said when he was told murder was illegal.

People are only in favor of cutting other people's social programs, never those that benefit them.

"There was a time when Americans could compete [with wages paid in other countries]. When they wanted to stand on their own two feet." Standing on their own two feet with such starvation wages? How does someone stand on their own two feet as slaves? These guys are a perfect example of wanting their "freedom" at the expense of other people's. The narcissism of these people is unbelievable.

It is a clear illustration of Marxist theory that humans lived in egalitarian society until the domestication of plants and animals after which the same principle of domestication was applied to people beginning different kinds of slavery and the subjugation of women. These guys are so concerned about their own"liberty" but don't care how many working people they crush in order to get it. Their freedom at the expense of others'. Clearly, the liberty of the working people is not important, only their own is. The working people are not people to them. They are oxen to be driven and exploited for all that can be gotten from them.

I was a member of a union while working for comission.

Nurses are traditionally grossly underpaid because theirs was considered women's work.

These guys are clearly only trying to protect their privilege and nothing more.

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Mark Saulys 4 years 46 weeks ago

The dude says, "Whenever government pays for something over time it comes to define it." that's GOOD if it's a democratic government. Then we can ALL define it democratically. The underlying fallacy and foundational disingenuousness of their anti government argument is their equating of government with tyranny. As is usual with such disingenuousness, the opposite is true. The privatization of government that they seek would, in fact, be tyranny and they don't want democratic government, protecting the people and their rights, getting in the way of that.

The Renassaince, the guilds, the middle class all ended feudalism that these guys are trying to bring back.