Full Show 2/5/13: Drones: The Ultimate Stalkers

Thom discusses how Reaganomics led to our drastic wealth inequality which has led to all the recent mass shootings. Tonight's "Big Picture Politics Panel" discusses domestic drones, how household spending on gas is at a 30-year high and the idea of the government providing free internet to all Americans. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom applauds Charlottesville, VA for banning the use of drones in their town.


That guy - Bob's picture
That guy - Bob 4 years 41 weeks ago

Look, I agree with just about everything Thom has to say. But just now, while listening to his show about the domestic use of Drones and the privacy impications collateral to that use, he broke for a commercial. And ya know what that commercial was pitching????!! A service by Hoovers, where in it supplied "leads" on individuals for business use. These "leads" are commonly the result of information collected about citizens, without their knowledge or permission. In my view - that is a violation of their privacy; and such practices should not be promoted on Thom's show..