Full Show 4/8/16: Pope Francis Invites Bernie to the Vatican

Tonight’s Rumble talks Bernie’s taking on of GE and it’s CEO, the “liberal” economist Paul Krugman’s latest attack on Bernie, and Bill Clinton’s flub with the Black Lives Matter protestors. Thom discusses the latest flare up in the crypto-wars with The District Sentinel’s Sam Sacks and in tonight’s Green Report Thom airs the “Last Hours” climate change documentary narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio.


Old_Curmudgeon 2 years 24 weeks ago

“Rumble” Rightists

{… in limerick-style rhythms …}

re Thom’s shows’ segments called “Rumble”,

permit me again here to grumble: -

- These Rightists stumble

and jumble and fumble; …

… so these segments’ qualities tumble.

These Rightists detract

with dissemblings packed

with opinions boldy-stated

but which should be rated

as opinions which instead are quite “humble”.


Old_Curmudgeon 2 years 24 weeks ago

Warmth hence Harmth

{… a Haiku: 5 syllables then 7 then 5 …}

{… Extra points if it rhymes …}

Earth is get-ting warm,

and soon we’ll have bought the farm.

Man does him-Self harm.