Full Show 8/15/12: Congress Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low

Guest host Sam Sacks discusses the dismal approval rating of congress and what's to blame for it. Also discussed: the alarming news of Pennsylvania's voter id law being upheld, the 77th birthday of social security and what Paul Ryan wants to do with the program and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at a way to make every vote count this November.


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MarkFromWI 5 years 13 weeks ago

Voting Machine Fraud

I frequently watch your shows/videos every day and I appreciate your bringing the truth into what is wrong with our country. Your recent show which included a piece on voting machines, prompted me to send you the following,which I sent several places just after the WI recall election. I believe it fits well with your voting machine segment and I am all for scrapping them as well.

My Original Text:

I have two "points", the first being potential voting machine fraud in the Scott Walker recall election, which I believe has been stolen again. The link below shows the touch screen problems in the 2008 election and is the same exact problem my wife and I experienced while voting yesterday in our small community polling place in north central Wisconsin.


I voted in the morning and had to touch the Tom Barrett selection 4 times before it actually "checked" the box for him instead of for Scott Walker. We had three candidates to vote for in our district including governor and I touched my selections 8 times total, to get the votes I wanted instead of it switching to the Republican candidates. My wife voted later in the day after work, and I forewarned her about the problem I had. She had to make her selections 5 times for the same 3 people...8 hours later!!!

I was reading about the exit polls showing a close race, but the votes coming out nowhere close and I can't help but wonder if this type of voting machine problem is partly to blame. I no longer trust our election process, especially when so much money is involved.

My second point is a phone survey from the Walker camp Tuesday afternoon. They asked several questions that were obviously trying to sway people against public workers and unions, which I expected from them. But, the craziness was in the way the questions were asked. Four questions in particular, were to do with how much more money public union workers made versus private, how much less they paid for benefits, etc. The woman asking the questions wanted "true or untrue" with regards to whether I believed these "facts".

I found it interesting that they used "untrue" instead of false, but I figured they were trying to keep the word "true" in the survey, regardless of what anyone answered. "False" obviously, directly implies lying, of course. But here is the clincher...after answering the negative "facts" questions as "untrue" across the board, she then said and I quote "Let's assume that the last four statements are TRUE..." and then she proceeded to state the same "facts" and asked whether I believed they were "fair" or "Unfair". I lost it
and told her I could not answer something that I am forced to ASSUME is correct.

It was a well designed survey to not only push people to their specific ideology, but also to get a negative response out of everyone who took the survey. If they don't believe the facts are correct, at least they would believe that it was unfair even if they had to assume those same facts were true. Incredible!

In the end of the conversation, I asked her if I could ask her a question. My question: "How do you feel about Scott Walker repealing equal pay for women?" After a slight pause, she responded by saying that she couldn't answer without putting her job in jeopardy. I wanted to ask if she needed the job or wanted the job, but she needed to move on and have her "supervisor" verify she had talked to me. Had I asked and she answered "wanted the job", I would have told her shame on you!

Oh, by the way, her supervisor was a male! Who'd a thunk!