Full Show 8/3/12: Great Minds: Lamar Waldron and Lori Wallach

In tonight's special edition of "Conversations with Great Minds" Thom talks with historian and author Lamar Waldron about his new book "Watergate, and in the last half of the show Thom talks US trade policy with attorney and activist Lori Wallach.


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marypa62 5 years 15 weeks ago

Lori Wallach fills in peices of the complicated puzzle that confounds most Americans. With corporte control of most of the media, and the propaganda that divides us as a people, I am not optimistic that most Americans will ;ever understand what has happened. It may be too late.

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Flopot 5 years 15 weeks ago

Brilliant minds I almost missed, so thanks for broadcasting again. These are two civilized discussions about the scourge of our times called corporatism. I was genuinely shocked at how corrupt Nixon really was and you can only admire Lori Wallach's silent, relentless battle against "special interests".

Keep up the good work and spread the word. The Big Picture is a rare broadcast find these days, i.e. a show that seeks the truth by standing up to the propaganda of the corporatists (neoliberalism, neoclassical macroeconomics and even libertarianism to a certain extent).

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Mark Saulys 5 years 15 weeks ago

Woodward and Bernstein wrote another book, Nixon, the Final Days, that covered the period up to the resignation.

Legendary New York Times writer and reporter, Jack Anderson, believed that the Mafia killed Kennedy.

Joe Kennedy, JFK's father, had an old mob pal from his bootlegging times, Sam Giancanna, Chicago Mafia boss, fix the election for JFK but JFK was not to to know anything about it. Then, after he won the election, JFK, with RFK, came after the Mafia trying to break the organization and put its leaders in jail. Because the Mafia got JFK elected - which JFK or RFK, according to Joe Kennedy's wishes, knew nothing about - they considered the Kennedies' campaign against them a double cross.

The CIA, either by Eisenhower or JFK, was given a presidetial order to assasinate Castro. When they were given that order the CIA did what they always did from when they were the OSS. When the OSS needed a domestic intelligence network in WW II they went to and partnered with the Mafia because they already had one in place and when they needed some thuggery done - some sabotage or assasinations or what have you - they went to the Mafia as well. Similarly, when they needed to kill Castro the Mafia was their hired gun.

By Jack Anderson's account, the Mafia then, instead of carrying out their orders, approached Castro, told him of what they were hired to do and offered to, instead of kill Castro for Kennedy, to kill Kennedy for Castro. Then, by the same account, came Castro's famous speech in which he said, "It has recently come to my attention that the President of the United States is trying to have me assasinated. Two can play at that game." The rest, as they say, is history.

Another investigator of the assasination, who I heard interviewed by Tom Snyder but whose name I don't recall, also concluded that the Mafia killed JFK. Initially he thought that was an outlandish idea and that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. As the investigation progressed, however, he became ever increasingly convinced that the Mafia was behind it until, as he said, he became afraid to start his car in the morning.

In the 70's I was a member of the Teamsters for a Democratic Union or TDU. We fought a very uphill battle against very pervasive union corruption in the Teamsters' international and locals. It was not until the government put the international into receivership that that really began to remit. It was not until then that the rank and file members could vote for the international's president. Only local presidents did that at a convention. The corrupt local officials kept control of their unions with a very Weyerichian strategy of keeping the vast majority of rank and file members unaware, oft times, that a union election was even taking place while their own flunkies showed up and voted.

After the international was placed in receivership and rank and file members could vote TDU was able to get Ron Carey elected. The first time James Hoffa jr. ran for international president he chose as his running mate a very corrupt local president from Chicago, Bill Hogan. Hogan eventually got banned from union activity for life by the IRB for taking kickbacks to use temporary workers from a temporary staffing service that his brother had a stake in rather than Teamster members for a job in Las Vegas.

For a good description of the Teamsters up until the 70s - which includes a description of Hoffa jr. - I recommend The Teamsters, the Men, the Money and the Mob by Stephen Brill.