Full Show 9/21/15: Koch Bros’ Candidate Scott Walker Suspends Campaign

Thom discusses Trump and Carson’s courting of the Islamophobic vote with CAIR’s Robert McCaw and author Rev. Barry Lynn, what the Syriza party’s reelection means for the EU and the world economy with economist Richard Wolff, and who’s to blame for the Animas River spill in Colorado with Waterkeeper Alliance’s Robert Kennedy, Jr. And in tonight’s Daily Take Thom discusses how Senate Republicans created a full blown judicial crisis.


Old_Curmudgeon 4 years 3 weeks ago

The Paranoids are Out to Get Us

. . . .

The paranoids on the Right

give us many a fright. -

- but an irony works ironically this way:

Say they that it is the Muslims who threaten us, …

… yet it’s these very Paranoids who are the “they”

whose politics are maliciously stealthily gettin’ us.