Full Show 9/24/12: The Romney Tax Rate

Thom details how Mitt Romney and Paris Hilton pay far fewer taxes than most Americans, and why Romney thinks it's okay. Also discussed: why you should be concerned about and avoid genetically modified organisms (GMOs), how a thousand pastors in the US are challenging the IRS on separation of church and state and how one man fared living a year without using physical money. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at the stark differences between Romney's and Obama's "big ideas."


Colinza 5 years 7 weeks ago

Mitt Romney says that giving the rich more is good for the economy but the rich do not create jobs, consumers do. Imagine the spread of wealth into the economy if say just 20 families had access to even half of his annual intake and the amount of jobs boosted by that flow. It’s the middle class that boost the economy not the rich. Either the Mitt Romneys believe their own PR which means they are either stupid and given their position and influence is frightening, or they think WE are stupid which is just insulting. The health of the economy is dependent on the flow of wealth and not the hording of it by the 1%