The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Desipienteously Ugly!

The Good! *Valarie Martin* Martin is a constituent of California Republican Congressman Dan Lungren. And - at a recent town hall meeting that Lungren hosted - Martin attacked him over his blatant climate denialism and his support for big oil. The Bad! *Rep. Steve King (R-IA)* While most Republicans rushed to distance themselves from Rep. Akin's "legitimate rape" statement - King did the opposite - and came out in support of him. His explanation for his support though didn't do much to help make the situation any better. King told an Iowa reporter that he had never heard about rape victims getting pregnant from stataory rape or incest. and the Very Very Ugly! *Spring Valley Hospital* Brittany Leon and Terri-Ann Simonelli - domestic partners - went to Spring Valley Hospital when Leon was having complications from pregnancy. But - when they got there - admissions staff told Simonelli that she would have to secure power of attorney in order to be with Leon - even though under Nevada law domestic partners have the same rights as married couples.