The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Facinorously Ugly!

The Good! *Toyota* Toyota has released an ad in Asia - that features the androgynous Ukrainian model Stav Strashko. Take a look... The Bad! *Rep. Steve King (R-IA)* At a recent town hall meeting - King expressed concerns over Iowa State University having too many multicultural groups on campus. King told the crowd that he searched a database and found that there were 59 "multicultural" groups on campus - and that the groups were made up of people "who feel sorry for themselves." and the Very Very Ugly! *David Gee* Gee is the Sheriff of Hillsborough County, Florida, where Tampa Bay is located. And - in order to prepare for the Republican National Convention next week - Gee has ordered that an entire prison - the Orient Road Jail - be emptied - and the prisoners relocated or bonded out - so that the prison can accomodate those arrested for protesting during the RNC.