The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Ludibriously Ugly!

The Good! *Texas District Court Judge Gisela Triana* On Monday - Triana ruled that the atmosphere must be protected for public use - just like water. In her ruling - Triana said air and the atmosphere are public trusts - and therefore must be protected for the well-being of the public. The Bad! *US Olympic Committee* The Olympics are just two weeks away - and over the course of a month - Americans will be filled with patriotism as they watch their favorite athletes compete. But - our athletes won't be wearing American-made clothing when they're walking the streets of London - because the offical uniforms of this year's olympians are made in China. And the Very Very Ugly! *Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler (R)* Gessler wants to make sure Colorado continues what Florida started. On Tuesday - he sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security - asking that they help verify the status of 5000 registered voters as part of Colorado's voter purge. And - just like in Florida - Gessler says he will sue the DHS if they refuse to help