The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Ultrafidianously Ugly!

The Good! *Carol Costello* Last week - Costello interviewed the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer - after he attacked a new effort by the Southern Poverty Law Center to promote diversity by encouraging school kids to sit with someone new during lunch on October 30th. After the interview - and after being put in his place by Costello - Fischer took to Twitter - and tweeted that Costello was a member of the "gay gestapo" Well today - Costello responded to Fischer's remarks live on-air. Good for you Carol - for standing up for diversity and fighting back against the hatred and ignorance that is tearing America apart \\ ----------------- The Bad! *Todd Akin* Akin - the Republican running for Senate from Missouri - made waves this past summer when he said that women can't become pregnant from "legitimate rape" Despite the backlash from the comments - Akin stayed in the Senate race - and is trying to unseat Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill. But at a fundraiser recently - Akin lost more points with female voters when he compared McCaskill to a dog. Referring to McCaskill, Akin told the crowd, "She goes to Washington, DC, it's a little bit like one of those dogs, you know 'fetch'" I think Akin's rape comments made it pretty clear that he has very little respect and understanding for women - but this latest remark really seals the deal.