The Good, The Bad & The Very Very Catawamptiously Ugly!

The Good! *Rep. David McKinley (R-WV)* McKinley - a Republican from West Virginia - recently sent out a mailer to his constituents. In it - he expresses very similar concerns as Democrats have with Paul Ryan's House GOP Budget. The Bad! *Apple* Apple stores have twice refused to sell Apple products to Iranian-Americans. According to a report by WSB-TV - Sahar Sabet - an Iranian-American - was told by store employees in a Georgia store that it is corporate policy not to sell any goods to Iran without the authorization of the US government. and the Very Very Ugly! *Karl Rove* With his Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads SuperPAC's - Rove has already done enough to help destroy the American democracy - but now he's just flat out making a mockery of it