Harry...Fix the Filibuster now!

Something is happening in this country and Harry Reid must seize on to it by passing filibuster reform to ensure that this progressive movement can freely march forward without Republican relics in the Senate obstructing it. And even if Republicans do take power in the Senate again in the future, and there is no filibuster, at least we'll know President Obama, when he had the chance, was able to put in place a strong flank of progressive judges that will last a generation. And those judges will serve for decades compared to a Republican majority which will only serve two years. In the long-run, it will still be better. Ultimately though, this election proves that progressivism is still alive, and the nation wants progressive judges to interpret law for the next generation. President Obama will have the power to do just that, but if Harry Reid doesn't kill the filibuster first so progressive judges can survive the nominating process, then we'll end up getting a bunch of Joe Liebermans on the bench...and that ain't progress.