Hartmann: NAACP Warns - Black Americans Could Lose Right to Vote

Hilary Shelton, NAACP joins Thom Hartmann. With the next election less than a year away - it's minority voters who are screwed. Over the last year - we've seen Republicans in state after state pass radical new voting rights laws - that according to the Brennan Center for Justice could disenfranchise as many as 5 million eligible voters. And it's minorities who could be hit the worst - as new photo ID requirements - restrictions against early voting - and disenfranchisement among convicted felons - adversely affect minority communities across the country But now - the NAACP is fighting back. This week - the organization is presenting evidence ot the UN High Commissioner on human rights - arguing that there is a concerted effort underway in America to deny minorities their right to vote. In addition - next year - the NAACP will send a delegation of legal experts to Geneva to call on the UN human rights council to take a stand against the right-wing war on voting in America.