Hartmann & Sirota on American Corporate Exceptionalism

David Sirota, AM 760 Colorado's Progressive Talk joins Thom Hartmann. Our ship of state is headed toward another financial crisis iceberg - and Republicans are at the helm. Why? Because since the financial crisis of 2008 - little has been done to reform Wall Street of its bad behavior. And what little that HAS been done - Republicans are trying to undo. At the end of last week - the Republican-controlled House Appropriations Committee passed legislation that cuts funding for the critical government watchdogs in charge of making sure the financial crash of 2008 doesn't happen again. That includes cutting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - and pledging to block anyone who President Obama nominates to run that agency. The Republican bill also includes holding flat the funding for the Securities and Exchange Commission - even though that agency has a lot more responsibility under the Wall Street Reform Act. So it's back to business as usual on Wall Street. Meanwhile - Canadian and European financial regulators are going gangbusters with new financial regulations - cracking down on their banksters to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. So why is it that we're not doing the same thing here in the United States? When it comes to regulating banksters - like the rest of the world is doing - why is America "exceptional"?