Hey GOP...We Already have a Bill of Rights!!

Besides trying to elect one of their own - Mitt Romney - to the White House, the oligarchs have another trick up their sleeve this election. And that's to make sure their state taxes never go up again. Their plan is carried out in the form of ballot measures - often under the name of Taxpayer Bill of Rights laws - that will appear in a handful of states on Election Day that are aimed at making it very difficult to raise taxes. Such measures are on the ballot in states like Florida, Michigan, and Washington. So imagine a law - or, even more bizarre, an amendment to a state's constitution, that says, "You may not take away any tax breaks that billionaires or large corporations have without it getting at least a 2/3rds vote in the legislature, but you may lay off teachers, state troopers, repeal Meals on Wheels programs, and cut off financial aid to colleges and college students with a simple majority." And then imagine that the law went a step further and said that you can't raise taxes on billionaires or corporations, and you can't close any of the tax loopholes they use every day, but you can easily raise fees on everyday working people, so they're paying more to register their cars or park on city streets or have their garbage collected.