How Do We Deal with a Lawless President?

How can we deal with a lawless president especially when he is being enabled by a lawless attorney general and lawless Republican lawmakers in Congress?


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Shayno 17 weeks 6 hours ago

I believe this problem is twofold. If we want power back to the people then it has to go back to the districts of the Lawless Senators that are turning their head and watching this happen. It's time to create a list of all Senators that went to Russia and start getting indivisible involved holding town halls and picketing offices. Secondly if executive office has all the police power, then take advantage of the power of the purse. This not only means fines.. How about we offer rewards for turning in people who are in contempt. If they want to live by greed then let them die by greed. Someone will want the money enough to help and turn over select people to the sergeant of arms.

Also I'd like to add if the executive and chief is our commander-in-chief then is he also subject to the articles of the uniform code of military Justice. Article 32 would come in nicely right now. :-)

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