How Do You Create Change through Mass Movements?

Historically - labor organizations have spearheaded economic change in America through strikes, rallies, and marches. In fact - May Day itself - or what's better known today as International Workers Day -has its roots in the labor movement of the 19th century demanding better working conditions and pay during the Robber Baron era in America. And today - as workers now face similar challenges - the labor movement is once again organizing and in the streets. Richard Trumka - the President of the AFL-CIO released a statement on today's action saying, "Workers' rights should be universal and every person - no matter what nationality, ethnicity, or gender - must have equal rights and the opportunity to achieve a better life." Stewart Acuff joins Thom..he is the Chief of Staff with the Utility Workers Union of America and Former Director of Organizing at the AFL-CIO. He's also the Author of the book, "Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing"