How do you get arrested for trespassing on your own property?

So here's what's happening in East Texas. A foreign corporation - actually a multinational corporation based in Canada - is confiscating private land belonging to a 78-year-old great-grandmother - in order to build aa toxic pipeline to ship oil off to other foreign nations. It's just another day in third-world America. Eleanore Fairchild and actress Daryl Hannah stood in front of tractors that are clearing a pathway for the pipeline right through Fairchild's 300-acre ranch. Those tractors belong to the Canadian company - TransCanada - which recently won approval to build a massive toxic tar-sands-oil pipeline right through the United States - and right through Mrs. Fairchilds property - down to Texas - where oil billionaires can refine it - and ship it off to the rest of the world, making big profits for themselves and TransCanada.