How many more killed until sensible gun control?

Mike Glaze, Mayors Against Illegal Guns joins Thom Hartmann. Another senseless act of gun violence left 12 people dead and nearly 60 injured at a midnight screening of the new Batman movie last night in Colorado. How many more tragedies is it going to take before we pass sensible gun control laws to protect American lives?


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CooloutAC 5 years 17 weeks ago

Citizens armed in the theatre would not of helped. in the DARK, with TEAR GAS, with the guy fully armored HEAD TO TOE....with panic and chaos all around them...... theres no way unless someone was a special forces sniper who could of shot him in the eye despite the circumstances.

The kid orered 6000 rounds and all these weapons and equipment over the internet as easy as ordering pizza. within 60 days. I don't understand how he was not flagged by homeland security. Or how anyone could consider those things nescessary for self defense...