How Schools Are Sold Off to Wealthy Foreigners

You know there's a big problem when foreign investors are buying up schools here in America so they - instead of We The People - can educate our young people. Yet - that's exactly what's happening. As Alyssa Figueroa reports over at AlterNet - wealthy foreign investors are taking advantage of our immigration laws by investing millions in charter schools. You see - there's this thing called the Immigrant Investor Program - which gives green cards to foreign investors as long as they invest at least a million dollars in the US economy - and create at least 10 full-time jobs. So - the business of choice to invest in is...private, for-profit charter schools. So far - just Chinese investors have spent $30 million buying charter schools in Florida alone. And according to a new report from Miami Today - they plan to invest nearly $100 million next year. Think about that - foreign investors buying the rights to teach American students, with guaranteed profits from our tax dollars. This is because we buy more from the rest of the world than we sell to them - the predicted consequence of our bizarre free trade policies - that leads to a trade deficit of 800 billion dollars every year. That's 800 billion dollars more that ends up in the hands of foreign investors who have to spend that money somehow - so they spend it buying up our our schools.


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jim mcdonagh 5 years 39 weeks ago

Both parties are committed to the pravitization of schools . The point of the exercise in Chicago, done by Barry, Rahm, and Arnie was to set out the blueprint for this. How these billions of taxpayer dollars will be handed over is now set down as policy.