It's not about bad Catholics...but healthCare for all

President Obama really ticked a lot of people off with his recent decision to require religious institutions to offer free contraception in their employer-sponsored health insurance plans. On the left - Democrats are saying it's a politically unwise decision heading into an election year. And on the right - Republicans are saying it's an all out assault against the Constitution - and a war on religion. And Rick Santorum is saying that President is about to resurrect Robespierre and bring back the French Revolution's Guillotines. Start investing in Guillotine companies now - according to Rick Santorum - their stock is about to go through the roof. But another crazy argument from the man-on-dog guy shouldn't distract us. So what's the bigger picture of President Obama's decision? Here to break this down with me is Tommy Christopher - Media Correspondent & White House Reporter at Mediaite.