It's Time to Get Serious about Outlawing Billionaires

It's time to start funneling the riches produced by the American economy to the real job creators: working class people who are spending money. And the best way to do that is to outlaw billionaires with a 100% wealth tax on all assets over one billion dollars. We can call it the "No Billionaires Campaign," and it just might be our best hope to save the American middle class.


Ducster's picture
Ducster 4 years 46 weeks ago

Massive individual wealth is a sign of serious mental illness. If these billionaires were amassing old newspapers rather than money their relatives would have them committed.

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dpaulstanford 4 years 46 weeks ago

I agree that no person deserves more than a billion dollars. However, frequently, this sort of wealth is held as stock in a company that the billionaire founded, and divesting her or him of those assets would mean they lose control of the company they probably founded. The devil is in the details.