Justice Scalia tells America to, "Get Over It"

Justice Antonin Scalia is out of touch with society - out of touch with the founding principles of this nation - and out of touch with judicial ethics. Isn't time he was tossed out of the chamber?


PanBlaiz 5 years 17 weeks ago

Scalia tells American People "to get over it!" As if the pain of our country being stolen is something to be forgotten, undermined and ignored. To get over the greatest blunder in American history? I think not Justice Scalia. I know that when you say, "get over it" you really mean "look over there...don't bother looking over here, nothing to see here." Those who double-speak such as yourself are usually guilty of some transcretion or crime/bribery. You've already voiced disrespect and contemptment for Americans, Scalia, you cannot be voted out - But We Can and Will Impeach you, Justice Scalia.