Listen Up Bernie Supporters…Get a Grip

Thom Hartmann says no matter what, we need to keep building the movement Bernie Sanders has started.


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Bevleroux 2 years 10 weeks ago

Here's Bernie's speech which MSM 'neglected' to broadcast: V=UAQNwfye_I0

Did you post this for your audience, Thom?

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DancingBear 2 years 9 weeks ago

Building the movement culture means creating our own institutions outside of the established political-economy, it means creating liberated spaces outside the control of the establishment. It means creating our own schools and universities outside the mainstream corporatized education system, it means creating our own worker owned democratically managed businesses to provide us with quality goods and services, and good income and meaningful work outside the share-cropper wage slave system of corporate employment. It means creating our own media networks so that we can communicate with each other our counter-culture message without corporate distortion or censorship. In politics it means flat out ignoring the national distraction of rigged, money over-determined presidential elections, and instead focusing our efforts as democratic citizens upon gaining control of our local governments first, then state and regional governments next, and only after we control a majority of the state houses and governorships and have a political infrastructure strong enough to prevail do we begin to pay the slightest attention to national elections. Change never starts in the halls of power, it always starts in the local communities in the barbershops, and company break rooms, and town squares, and other places where ordinary people gather together. The only role those halls of power play in the process of change is when they surrender to the inevitability that first began in the streets. Which oligarch is sitting on the throne when it all goes down actually matters very little.