Lone Liberal Rumble -- Why do the unemployed make Cantor happy?

Caroline May, The Daily Caller & Marc Harrold, Attorney, join Thom Hartmann. Why do Republicans want women to make less money at work - and does a weak economy and millions of unemployed Americans make Eric Cantor happy? All that and more in tonight's Lone Liberal Rumble...


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Mark Saulys 5 years 18 weeks ago

The Citizens United v the Federal Election Commission Supreme Court decision of 2010 took away restrictions on and regulations of spending on political and defined money as speech. That is, the freedom to spend money on political ads was equated with freedom of speech. Oligarchic capitalists, the obeisant and uncritical and sophistic libertarians accepted the definition.

Anybody who thinks money is speech believes that people with more money have more a right to be heard than those with less. They apparently believe that "money is truth". If "the solution to bad speech is more speech" - which I believe is true - then if you don't have enough money for "more speech" to counter "bad speech" then the bad speech or fraudulent, false speech prevails.

This is a particarly odious part of capitalism where apparently someone can buy truth. As is said in geopolitics, "truth belongs to the one with the power". In our capitalist and campaign finance system "truth belongs to the one with the money". We live in a situation where anyone with enough money can "buy the truth".

The ideas that no one is ever deceived by bad speech or false campaigning or that those who are fooled - and so, the rest of us - deserve a terrible society because they were gullible or innocent enough to be decieved (and both cannot be simultaneously true, by the way) are absurd on their faces. If the first were true then no one would spend more than the cost of initial basic public information on a political campaign - if that were even necessary since noone could ever be decieved. The second, of course, is just an avoidance of responsibility for what happens in one's own society.

Libertarianism, therefore, is just a slippery evasion of responsibility to one's community.`