Is a populist movement on the right even possible?

Paul Jacob, Citizens In Charge, joins Thom Hartmann. What exactly does Conservative populism look like? Now that Wall Street has hijacked the Tea Party - is there even such a thing as populism on the Right anymore?


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CharlesH 5 years 25 weeks ago

Populist Movements are Not Partisan

As a supporter of both the Tea Party and the Occupy movements, I am saddened to see media commentators try to discredit and destroy populist movements by labeling them as either a tool of the Left or, as Hartmann does here, a tool of the Right.

ANY successful populist movement will attract big backers who want to hijack the message for their own ends. That doesn't diminish the importance of the people's support.

Notwithstanding what Thom says, there WAS a groundswell of popular support for the initial ideals of the Tea Party- fiscal responsibility in Washington, and a limited Federal government to protect against encroachments on individual liberty. And these are not some crazy right-wing ideas. They are embedded in our Constitution.

Similarly, there was widespread support for the initial ideals of Occupy: fairness and economic justice, rather than a society that benefits the rich at the expense of the less fortunate.

Believe it or not, there is a common theme to both movements. The institutions that control our society--Big Government and Big Business-- are becoming too powerful and need to be reigned in, or we will lose our way of life.

This endless partisan struggle between Left and Right just keeps the existing power structure in place. Commentators like Hartmann are unfortunately part of that problem, perpetuating the divisiveness among the people that prevents a true populist movement that could really effect change.

So let's focus on what unites us, rather than what divides us. Only when we can come together will we be able to reclaim our society.