Republicans Aren't Fools, Voter Suppression Is Intentional! (w/Greg Palast)

Thom is joined by guest of the show and friend Greg Palast discussing the big lie of fraudulent voters, and how Republicans are creating a hysteria to stop you and me from voting.


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AliH. 8 weeks 13 hours ago

This is more than dissapointing. When people are even giving a chance to make a difference, and instead are being held down. As the owner of a New Orleans towing company, I see the poverty that this city has, and I can't help but to think that these people are fighting to keep their head above water, only to be held down.

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Mario S. 1 week 2 days ago

Weren't they saying that millions voted illegally in the past election? where did that end up going? Nowhere. That's where. It's was just an excuse to try and pass more laws to suppress votes. I got crew members of my asphalt paving company that don't like the fact that they try to keep them from voting. I always tell them to not let these types of things from letting their voices heard.

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JamesFrederick 1 week 1 day ago

This is crazy, when people end up attempting to restrict the freedoms such as the one to vote. Just like Mario S. said, "Weren't they saying that millions voted illegally in the past election? where did that end up going?​" It is important to assess issues as important as these.

James @ garage door repair

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JaredGatyam 6 days 5 hours ago

I'm in full agreement, voter suppression is a very real thing and it's a big threat to the future of our country if we can't vote freely like every other US citizen. In particular, this has a big impact on our appliance repair service in Jackson MS as we rely on certain things to help our small business run smoothly, and profitably. With voter suppresion being an issue, it could potentially really hurt our business if they are able to swing the vote in a way that isn't favorable for small businesses like mine.