Rumble: What Should Happen to Treasonous Senators?

Peter Roff, U.S. News & World Report & Shelby Emmett, Project 21 & TJ Helmstetter, Progressive Change Campaign Committee joins Thom Hartmann. The letter Republicans sent to Iran warning it not to make a nuclear deal with the U.S. was embarrassing. But was it also treasonous? 280,000 Americans think so...


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RentonWa 3 years 38 weeks ago

Thom, these three panelists were not the best you've had. The fellow in the middle said nothing, the lady on the end could not understand anything you said related to 'this has never been done before' trying to create a dotted line connection between Iran Contra investigation of wrong doing, vs this current letter fiasco by GOP senators. The follow on the other end just droned on trying to make previous activity seem similar to this as well. None of the 3 listened and replied but restated their talking points. This was informative only in to showcase how the rightwing fails to listen.