A Second Inaugural - A Second Conspiracy...

Four years ago tonight - Congressional Republicans met at one of Washington's top restaurants - to plot their efforts to sabotage the Obama presidency. What are Congressional Republicans up to on the night of President Obama's 2nd inauguration?


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truepatriot2013 4 years 42 weeks ago

Hello Tom,

It is so hard to get people to understand the true nature of these "Republicans", and the extent that they have tried to manipulate and steal control of this country for their own gain. It is getting harder and harder now too; I used to listen to KPOJ in Portland and it is no longer on the air. Almost simultaneously with the elcetion of President Obama to his second term, it was replaced with a Fox (no less) Sports talk station.

I will do all that I can; I try to talk on Facebook about the need to keep informed, and question not only Republicans and their leadership, but to keep an eye on the Democrats also, but it seems that less and less people are engaged. It is so sad that only Clinton and Obama have been able to keep control of the whitehouse for more than 4 years. How can we get people more informed and involved?.