The Secret Group that's about to Swift Boat Barack Obama

Adam Peck, Think Progress, joins Thom Hartmann. You might remember back in 2004 - Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry was dogged by these outrageous and misleading ads. Those were funded by the group Swift Boat Veteran's for Truth - a right-wing organization that attempted to spin John Kerry's military service against him. The ads were so effective they cost Kerry that election - and introduced a new word in our American political lexicon - "swiftboating" - meaning to launch unfair or untrue political attacks. And now - as we're heading into the 2012 election - one group is trying to swiftboat President Obama with this new ad - trying to spin President Obama's killing of Osama Bin Laden against him. The group behind that ad is calling itself "Veterans For a Strong America." So what more do we need to know about this group - as it begins its ad assault on the President?