In the Shadow of Fukushima - Japanese are Moving back to Ghost Cities

Karl Grossman, Investigative Reporter / Professor of journalism at the State University of New York. 500 days have now passed since the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan began. And one thing's clear - it's still an extremely dangerous situation. A Japanese newspaper is reporting that plant operators still face a number of hurdles before they can decommission the plant and officially close the book on the crisis - and it could take decades. One of those hurdles include trying to determine why 8 million becquerels of radioactive cesium still continues to pour out of reactor number 2 every single hour. And, plant operators still have no clue how they're going to remove massive pools of highly radioactive spent fuel from the roofs of the reactors. As the newspaper reports, "Not only will that work be unprecedented, but the work will also have to be done in an environment of high radiation levels." Oh, and then there's the situation with reactor 4, which could collapse at any moment, triggering a worldwide nuclear disaster worse than Chernobyl. There are also reports of civilians moving back into ghost cities near Fukushima. Let's hope nuclear regulators in America are paying attention.