There's something rotten in Michigan - Jeff Timmer

There's something rotten in Michigan - and it all centers on a guy named Jeff Timmer. We'll get to who Jeff Timmer is in just a minute - but first - follow me as I explain what's going on in the fight to keep democracy alive in Michigan. First - there's Governor Rick Snyder - who moved into the Governors Mansion last year - and immediately passed one of the most controversial laws this nation has ever seen. It was called Public Act 4 - which gave Snyder the power to appoint what he calls a "financial manager" - or what I call a "little dictator" - to seize control of a city in Michigan - fire all the local elected officials - break union contracts - slash spending on social services - and sell off huge chunks of the commons at a fire-sale price to corporate buddies. So far - cities like Benton Harbor - Flint - Ecorse - and Pontiac have met this fate - and citizens of those cities no longer have control of their local democracy. This is literally - at least at the local level - the death of democracy. But Michiganders don't give up - especially on democracy. So after rallies, marches, and a massive petition drive - the group "Stand Up for Democracy" collected 226000 signatures to immediately put Snyder's little dictators law on hold - and place it on the ballot in November - so that Michiganders can have a vote to repeal it for good. So even though Snyder killed off local democracy - he wasn't able to kill off state-wide democracy: he couldn't stop people organizing ...


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Monica RW 5 years 20 weeks ago

Thank you Thom for highlighting this important story and making the connection on RT News between Jeff Timmer, the Sterling Corporation and his decision about disallowing Michiganders a right to vote up or down Public Act #4.

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Suzeh 5 years 20 weeks ago

Yes, we sooo need outside attention to help us in Michigan. We will WELCOME it! We are an economically battered population and it has taken a toll. We want change but are almost superstitious now about keeping quiet to keep our scarce jobs & illusion of safety.

I once read a rather eloquent essay on the speculation of taxation without represenation and Michigan's EFM. I sure wish I could find it now :-/ This subject will raise its ugly head again.

PanBlaiz 5 years 20 weeks ago

Thank u for bringing attention to this Thom. I'm puzzled as to why other than here hardly any major networks are picking up this story (exception for Rachel) - We are losing our democracy in Michigan, no joke! Gov Snyder actually fired city Mayors in Michigan and replaced them with his unelected buddies called Emergency Managers. They have the power to close schools, firehouses, police stations and take public land and claim it private. All in the name of a "Financial Emergency."

What a joke! Its like a plumber coming to someones house, clogging up the toilet, then not only charging them to fix the toilet but then claiming that it's such an emergency that the plumber is going to need the deed to the house as well. A public park has already been turned into a golf course for the wealthy. It's time to rise up! Enough is enough. These tea party corporate republicans need to be taught a lesson and get the heck out of our states.

Thank u so much Thom for ur research and continued fight against these arrogant republicans who think that they can slip in under the radar and usurp our democratic laws.