The Third Way? No Way!

Thom Hartmann helps expose a so-called Democrat think tank run by investment bankers. If you liked this clip of The Thom Hartmann Program, please do us a big...


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mareleigh 3 years 46 weeks ago

I read the article put out earlier by the "Ring of Fire"

and it listed the The Third Way.. I noted it did have a website found it someone illusive when I went in search of who owned the website and found it could only be pulled up by searching when I went onto the site I begin to realize that it was leaning to being a new democrat movement, yet all of the elements seemed to match only one of the current candidates.. I also found that it seems to stretch internationally and all of those I could find on the site involved were all young corporates.. Pulling searches in google.. I finally settled in Wikipedia, I realized it was made up of people from the Clinton Administration.. But not until around 2005, and those involved are also involved in Wall Street.

Why is any of this important.. This comment alone..

"Third Way, the centrist Democratic Think Tank, believes that Bernie Sanders is taking the Party too far to the left, and they’ve introduced a string of policy proposals for the Democrats as we head into 2016 that take a more moderate (conservative) tone. They are trying to silence a candidate that the public seems to love, and this will cost Democrats a lot of support next year and in the future. "

This group thinks they have the right and authority to change the democratic party? Are they directly associated with Hillary Clinton, it appears so.. My answer to the think tank. NO..