Thom Hartmann: Atlas Shrugged - bizarre philosophy at work

Thom shares his thoughts on the movie, "Atlas Shrugged" based on the 1957 novel by Ayn Rand.


TJ Colatrella's picture
TJ Colatrella 6 years 30 weeks ago

Ayn Rand provided a dialectic and rhetoric for swindlers, scoundrels, and bottom feeding greed ridden usurpers...

Her anti Christ philosophy undermined the economic foundation of America and many other Western Nations, thanks to Alan Greenspan her number one disciple...who served for 17 years as the Head of the Federal Reserve, the same number of years Caiaphus was Chief Priest of the Temple in Jeruslaem before that fell too..ironic isn't it..?

If you doubt her being an anti Christ just watch her videos Altruism vs. Objectivism...Her Philosophy stands in opposition to all of Christ's teachings and this is why due to her and Greenspan's influence our nation has suffered lost it's way and seen it's greatness diminished, as well as much of it's respect world wide as a leader and shining city on a hill...