Thom Hartmann Explodes at Libertarian over Life-Saving Healthcare

Austin Petersen,, joins Thom Hartmann. What part of "right to life..." don't libertarians understand? Only in America would someone have to threaten to kill the President in order to get life-saving healthcare. Isn't it time we made healthcare a basic human right - so sick Americans don't have to take such drastic measures?


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Mark Saulys 4 years 42 weeks ago

This puke is one of those who thinks that as long as he just keeps his mouth moving he won't have to face reality.

In addition to freedom there may also be obligations in a society to your fellows and that is not to mention that collectivizing such obligations as healthcare makes us all more free.

There is nothing given from Mt. Sinai that says that you are "entitled to" or "deserving of" all or any part of the money you receive from any business transaction. That is something we all decide collectively and democraticly according to what we think would be fair and good for society. It can, in fact, be sometimes quite arbitrary but so is leaving everything to the vagaries of the market. The "Free Market" can, in fact, be, at times, quite tyrannical.