Thom Hartmann: Has AFP election fraud been exposed in WI?

The billionaire Koch brothers have moved in and are attacking democracy in the state. With recall elections against Republican state senators just around the corner - the Koch-funded Astroturf group Americans for Prosperity is reaching into their bag of dirty tricks to keep their buddies in power at any cost. The group is sending what look like absentee ballots - but with late return dates written on them - to trick Democratic voters in two districts where Republicans are facing recall. The fliers urge Democrats to turn in their ballots by August 11th - even though the election is August 9th. Very clever...But besides blatant - and possibly illegal - voter suppression - Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity is also spending the big bucks on slanted TV ads - purchasing $150000 in television ad time in Milwaukee. Wisconsin Democrats have filed a complaint against Americans For Prosperity demanding they stop the voter suppression tactics. For more on this - Thom is joined by the State Representative Jennifer Shilling, one of the six Democrats running to unseat incumbent Republicans in the Wisconsin recall elections next Tuesday.


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Rob8oD 8 years 14 weeks ago

It's not a dirty trick, it is a CRIME and there needs to be consequences.