Thom Hartmann & Joe Madison - Sudan Peace Accord with Darfur rebels

With a nine-hour ceremony and amid much fanfare - South Sudan became the world's 193rd country on Saturday. The country's independence was the climax of a 2005 peace agreement that ended decades of civil war with the Arab-dominated North Sudan - a bitter conflict that cost over 2 million lives - and called for a referendum last winter when South Sudan voted overwhelmingly for secession. The people of South Sudan are exuberant over their newfound independence, but they also seem to be very aware that they have a long road ahead of them. North and South Sudan still have to agree on a border and clarify the critical issue of citizenship. And they have yet to reach an agreement on oil and wealth sharing - as South Sudan holds the lion's share of this valuable natural resource and the North will be dependent on it to keep their country running. And - of course - South Sudan must develop all of its democratic institutions while fighting corruption and dealing with threats from insurgent groups. Joe Madison is the host of the Joe Madison Show and was in South Sudan to witness the birth of a nation with his own eyes and is here tonight to share his thoughts on what is next for the world's newest country.