Thom Hartmann Loses his Pet Cat, Higgins

Thom Hartmann shares about the loss of his cat and friend, Higgins. He asks listeners and viewers to donate in Higgins' name to The Hunter School - If you liked this...


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skim 4 years 10 weeks ago

My first ever blog posting. Excuse the ignorance. I'm so sorry for the loss that you much feel for Higgins. What a lucky cat. I volunteer for Albuquerque's Trap, Neuter & Return program. I have met with literally hundreds of people to talk nuts and bolts. Through these interactions, I have learned 1) cats are extremely political, 2) homophobia plays a major role in the intense hatred of cats and 3) men who ADMIT that they like cats are extremely secure in their sexuality/persons. Thank you Thom for being one of these beings. You probably don't realize how much you do for the basic welfare of cats by just being you.