Thom Hartmann: Power vs the Maid in Manhattan

In the case of Senator Ensign - we learned how far a man of power is willing to go to make sure he gets the woman he wants. Using his power - and lots of money - he issued ultimatums to his mistress to keep her quiet - saying that her job hangs in the balance if she doesn't see him. And once the affair was found out - he again used his money and power to keep it from going public - before eventually firing both his mistress and her husband when she was no longer sleeping with him. Similarly - there are more allegations coming out against IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Khan. While women in America often face an uphill battle and feminists are under attack from right-wing groups like the Independent Women's Forum, funded by male oil oligarchs, other countries are taking the lead in making the world less hostile for women. Joining Thom Hartmann is Jeff Sharlet, The Family and Adele Stan, Washington Bureau Chief for Alternet.