Tom Hayden in Support of Obama...Democracy Grows by Inches

Activist Tom Hayden joins Thom Hartmann. Is it reasonable to assume that President Obama will be able to achieve more progressive victories in a second term?


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North Star 5 years 5 weeks ago

I have been trying to get on the air to talk with Thom about this short interview with Tom Hayden.
What is the best way to get on the air?

I found Tom Hayden's definition of "progressives" to be quite interesting, and indeed this is an area of much confusion in our political discourse. What is a "liberal", a "leftist", or a "progressive" anyway? Some people conflate the terms, but there are important differences.

Also, I am interested in discussing the comments that appear on discussion boards in response to articles like the one Tom Hayden published on Common Dreams entitled, "Saving Obama, Saving Ourselves."

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SueN 5 years 5 weeks ago

Best way to get on air is to call during the show.

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North Star 5 years 4 weeks ago

Thanks for your advice. But Thom has been on other topics whenever I have been able to get through. Also, he seems to cut a lot of callers short and I want to know how to get enough time for him to respond thoughtfully to my questions. Do you have any suggestions?