Trump's War On Net Neutrality

On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom Hartmann talks with Mike Papantonio about his perspective of the administration’s possible new pick to head the FBI. They also discuss Trumps war on net-neutrality and new revelations between cancer and Monsanto’s “Roundup”.

Then he chats with Bryan Pruitt and Doug Christian in a panel discussion where they give their thoughts over Roger Ailes role in influencing America after the announcement of his death this morning. They also share their views of Trump’s proposed budget cuts against renewables and a study that reveals the GOP health plan will take billions of dollars away from children’s health.

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eaverdugo's picture
eaverdugo 5 days 13 hours ago

Brian and the republicans are so disingenuous. They are happy to pull the belt tight when it comes to any kind of spending especially for the poor or even incentives for clean energy which they inexplicably hate. He is also quite happy to see social security benefits taxed, compliments of Reagan, while the most obscenely wealthy in this nation do everything in their power to get a few extra million skimmed off their taxes, roll back estate taxes, and get rid of capital gains taxes. It takes money to run a society. But for Brian and the people he seems to side with, society is fine as long as the wealthy don't have to contribute. So the rest of the country who pick up the scraps after the wealthy clean up are the ones left to fund the infrastructure that primarily benefits...wait for it....the wealthy. Nice work if you can get it.