What is to be Done with Those Responsible for Climate Change

Scientific reports are showing that there is little more than a decade before the effects of global climate change reach a tipping point the human race may not survive beyond. It's the time for action, what are we do to with those responsible for climate change, the morbidly rich, corporations, petro billionaires, and the politicians in their pocket, do we throw them all in jail, nationalize their industries or do we have a truth and reconciliation commission?


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humanitys team 35 weeks 4 days ago

Hi Thom

Great show ,such important topics you cover.

It goes back to stewardship and the guiding principle of being a good steward of the land,air and water .We all need these to survive and thrive and for the planet to sustain us all.

If this indeed was the guiding principle half the corporations and their industries would be shut down overnight .We as humans are being irrevocably damaged as a result of this .Who is more important their profits or human life .

The whole community has to be considered in making decisions ,the definition of self has to include everyone .This is the only solution to our on going self induced hell ....it’s going to be if we continue with our cultural story.

Thanks for all that you do .