Why can't the people who harvest food make a living wage?

Arturo Rodriguez, United Farm Workers, joins Thom Hartmann. Tonight - we take a look at farm workers - and the challenge they're facing on a day-to-day basis working the fields. But when discussing farm workers - we can't just focus on labor issues like wages and working conditions. We also have to look at immigration policies - since many of those who cultivate our nation's food supply weren't actually born in America. In Washington, DC - hopes of immigration reform have been dashed again and again - as more hard-line Conservatives refuse to endorse plans that include pathways to citizenship - and instead prefer mass deportations. Republican Senator Marco Rubio has recently tried to forge a partnership with Republicans and Democrats in Congress on immigration reform with a watered-down version of the DREAM Act. But even Rubio's proposal doesn't give undocumented immigrants - who've been working in America for years, playing by the rules, and raising families - a pathway to citizenship. So what do farm workers in America need to do to have a shot at the American Dream?