Should We Raise Our Top Tax Rate to 50% or 74%

Thom talks with Joe Cirincione, author of the book "Nuclear Nightmare: Securing the World Before It Is Too Late" about the perspectives of a non-proliferation when the world is in crisis over North Korean nuclear arsenal, and the ways Trump could make it even worse. Later, it's a panel of guests to discuss Trump's tax reform and whether it will make rich even richer.

Trump, Dems & the Art of the DACA Deal...

In this episode of The Big Picture, Sam Sacks is in for Thom Hartmann, sitting down with Dr. Diljeet Sing to talk about Bernie’s healthcare for all plan – and how it’s going to affect the medical community and if there’s something to fear about this plan. Later, there’s a political panel to talk about Trump’s alleged deal over DACA and the scandal over the data breach in EQUIFAX.

Berniecare finally arrives

In this episode of The Big Picture, Sam Sacks takes up the anchor role, as he talks with Greg Palast about the intiative to create voter IDs and investigate the alleged “voter fraud”. Later in the show, a panel of guests is here to discuss Bernie’s new Medicare intiative as well as Trump’s tax cuts plan – and how it is going to help corporations instead of middle class citizens.

The GOP's Latest Plan to Rob the Poor & Reward the Rich...

In this episode of The Big Picture, Thom talks with Richard Wolf, professor and economist, about the incoming tax reform by Trump’s administration. Later, in a Big Picture Political panel, Thom looks at the new single-payer Medicare idea and it spreading among Democrat party, as well as Steve Bannon’s war with the GOP.

9/11: We Should Never Forget Bush’s Disastrous Response

In this episode of the Big Picture, Thom, together with activist Medea Benjamin from CODEPINK, talks about Trump’s desire to end the deal with Iran and how’s that going to affect the trouble with North Korea. Later, there’s a Big Picture panel with Richard Holt and Valerie Ervin as they take on climate change and the hurricanes it causes, single-payer initiative and, of course, 9\11 – and the ways it changed the world.

Stop Being Afraid Of "Big Government"

In this episode of the Big Picture, Thom sits down with Patty Lovera to talk about the American agriculture industry’s war with the whistleblowers; later in the show, it’s a lone liberal rumble over the big oil and its effect on the climate of planet, as well sa the discussion on the single payer initiative with a panel of guests – Julio Rivera and Kris Ullman.

Should Exxon Pay For Hurricane Destruction?

Big Picture Panel - Julio Rivera, Columnist-Newsmax & Kris Ullman, Conservative Commentator. As global warming kicks into overdrive - it's high time we started executing some corporations.

Big Ag Is Waging A War Against Free Speech

Big Picture Interview - Patty Lovera, Assistant Director-Food & Water Watch RE: New Report Exposes "Big Ag's Gag Agenda.” Every single day people risk prosecution and jail time just to tell the truth. And no - this isn't happening in some foreign dictatorship - it's happening right here in the United States of America. Thanks to a set of laws known colloquially as "ag-gag" laws - the American agricultural industry is waging war on your constitutional right to free speech.

A Deal with the Dems

In this episode of the Big Picture, Thom meets with a panel of guests to talk about Trump’s recent deal with the Dems to raise the debt ceiling and whether that means that the President has given up on winning with GOP. Later in the show, Mike Papantonio joins Thom with a new book “Law and Vengeance” and a story about whistleblower’s fight against American military-industrial complex.

Can the Single Payer Train Be Stopped?

Sam Sacks, Writer/Co-Founder, The District Sentinel News Co-op & Dave McCulloch, National GOP Strategist. Elizabeth Warren is officially on board with Bernie Sanders' plan for single payer healthcare. Is the rest of the Democratic Party about to join her?

The Law & Vengeance

Mike Papantonio, Host-America's Lawyer (RT America) / Host-Ring of Fire Radio / Author-Law and Disorder & the brand new sequel, Law & Vengeance. What a legal thriller can tell us about fighting back on the military Industrial complex.

This Is How Weak Our Voting Machines Are

In this episode of the Big Picture, Thom talks with investigative journalist Greg Palast about the voter ID laws and the trouble with the voting machines – as proved by hackers. Next, climate change is discussed with economist Charles Sauer and Daily Caller correspondent Ted Goodman, as the hurricane Irma is about to strike the east coast.

More Climate Change is Blowing In...

Big Picture Panel: Charles Sauer, The Market Institute & Ted Goodman, Daily Caller News Foundation. As Hurricane Irma - the most powerful Atlantic storm ever - rumbles its way towards the US - are Republicans finally ready to admit that climate change is real?

Greg Palast - This Is How Weak Our Voting Machines Are

Big Picture Interview: Greg Palast, Truthout/Rolling Stone Magazine/The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Weak President or not - Donald Trump is waging a war on voting the likes of which we haven't seen from the Oval Office in years.

The Costs of Not Acting on Climate Change

On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom talks to the economist Richard Wolff about the decline of Union movement in America. Later, Thom sits with Brian Pruitt, a contributor to Redstate, and political commentator Doug Christian to talk about the end of DACA program and the protests around the move, Canada urging United States to cancel the “right-to-work” laws and finally, about the upcoming hurricane disaster that mother nature prepared for America’s east coast.

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Why Are the Authoritarians Harming and Killing More People in the Pandemic?

On this weeks Science Revolution - How do we stop authoritarians, like Trump and Bolsonaro from killing more people in our pandemic? Trump and Bolsonaro, presidents of the United States and Brazil, are essentially refusing to do anything consequential about an epidemic that is killing massive numbers of their own countries’ citizens. Plus- Bill Freese with the Science Policy Analyst-Center for Food Safety, is here on the newly finalized federal regulations on GMOs. Beyond Nuclear's Paul Gunter also drops by on how America is unprepared for a nuclear accident during this pandemic. Tune in!

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What New Hell Will Trump Rain Down on America Next?

Thom plus logo Trump campaigned on nostalgia for the past, with a slogan calling to make America great "again."

And, indeed, he has re-created many of the most notable moments in past American history.

He's brought back the pandemic of 1918, and the widespread death associated with it.
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