Would You Rather Have Healthcare Or A New F-35?

Big Picture Interview - Bryan Pruitt, Contributor-RedState & Doug Christian, Political Commentator. The panel will debate: Majority Of GOPers Now Say Colleges Are Bad For America, Rolling Back Net Neutrality and Would you rather have healthcare or a new F-35?

States Rolling Back Solar Incentives As Planet Heats Up...

Valerie Ervin, Working Families Party & Dave McCulloch, Capitol Media Partners. As the Koch brothers wage war on solar power - is it time to strip the profit out of the utility business once and for all?

Trump Gave a Speech on Western Values Then Ignored the West

On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom talks with John Fugelsang about the ‘G-19’s flank over Trump’s denial of climate change. Then he talks with Valerie Ervin and Dave McCulloch about Senator McCain saying the republican health plan may be dead on arrival, moves from U.S. states to roll back on solar power initiatives, and again their take of the G20-minus-Trump reaffirming the Paris accords to protect the Earth’s climate.

John Fugelsang - Is Trump Turning US Into Rogue Nation?

Big Picture Interview: John Fugelsang, Tell Me Everything-SiriusXM Insight #121. Donald Trump stood alone at the G20 summit in Germany this weekend when he refused to support the Paris Climate Accord. Is he turning America into a rogue state?

The GOP’s Phony Choice on Healthcare

On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom talks with Hyun Lee about North Korea and what it could take to create lasting peace on the Korean peninsula. Then in the Big Picture Rumble, Thom talks with Scott Greer and Doug Christian about the GOP’s health care bill which sounds like a pitch for a single-payer system. After that, they talk about Trump’s crusade to purge voter rolls and the myth of widespread voter fraud.

Is Donald Trump Blackmailing CNN?

Bryan Pruitt, RedState & Alex Lawson, Social Security Works. As Donald Trump escalates his war with CNN - reports suggest that his administration could go as far as blackmailing the network if it doesn't change its ways. According to the New York Times - "White House advisers have discussed a potential point of leverage over their adversary... a pending merger between CNN’s parent company, Time Warner, and AT&T. Mr. Trump’s Justice Department will decide whether to approve the merger, and while analysts say there is little to stop the deal from moving forward, the president’s animus toward CNN remains a wild card."

The New Voter Suppression Has Begun

Greg Palast, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Forty-five states have now said that they won't give sensitive voter data to Donald Trump's "Election Integrity Commission." Theoretically - at least - this is good news. The Election Integrity Commission is a sham. Led by the King of Crosscheck himself - former Secretary of State Kris Kobach - it's a blatant attempt at a national voter suppression campaign. But according to my next guest - the bipartisan "resistance" we're seeing in the states to the Commission's data request isn't what it seems.

Have the Red States Already Sent Voter Files to Kobach?

On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom talks with Greg Palast about Kris Kobach’s fraudulent voter fraud investigation and where the states stand in compliance. Then he talks with Bryan Priutt and Alex Lawson about Trump’s “Nuremburg rally” speech, states suing Betsy DeVos over student loan protections and Trump’s scheme to buy leverage over CNN.

Stephen Hawking warns: Trump is Pushing Us to the Apocalypse

On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom talks with Alan Tonelson about the potential trade wars between the U.S. and Pacific nations. Then he talks with Julio Rivera and Travis Korson about Missouri Republican’s shameful vote to lower St. Louis’s minimum wage to $7.70 from $10, Stephen Hawking’s tough words on Trump, and U.S. senators slamming Trump’s administration for its lack of strategy in Afghanistan.

Is the GOP Bringing on the Apocalypse For A Few Extra Profits?

Julio Rivera, Reactionary Times/Newsmax/Right Wing News/Politichicks & Travis Korson, Madison Strategies. Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking says that the Trump administration is pushing us past the point of no return on climate change. Why is the administration - and really the entire Republican Party - so willing to bring on the apocalypse just to help the fossil fuel oligarchs make a little more profit?

Economists Warn of Trump Trade War

Alan Tonelson, RealityChek (blog)/The Race to the Bottom. Economists in the media are warning that Donald Trump's plan to slap big tariffs on aluminum and steel could spark a trade war. Is that actually a good thing?

How Trump's New Gilded Age Is Unfolding

On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom talks with Rob Wiesman about Trump’s far from innocent fundraiser at his hotel near the white house. Then he talks with Julio Rivera and Valerie Ervin about net neutrality’s demise with the latest FCC nomination, reports that U.S. states are refusing to cooperate in Trump’s voter fraud probe, and why the attacks on Joe and Mika from the ‘Tweeter’-in-Chief.

Trump Towers - A Scene From the New Gilded Age

Big Picture Interview - Robert Weissman, President-Public Citizen. On Wednesday night, while Republicans plotted how to more effectively take healthcare away from 22 million Americans - Donald Trump took a short ride to his gilded DC hotel for a fundraiser, open to ANYONE... who has $35,000 to donate to Republicans.The press, on the other hand, was banned from the event, continuing a longstanding tradition of shadowy Republican fundraisers being held behind closed doors and away from public scrutiny. Protestors chanting “shame” met Trump’s motorcade between the White House and the Trump Hotel - but what exactly was the most shameful aspect of Wednesday’s closed-door Republican fundraiser at the President’s hotel? Tune in...

This Could Seal Net Neutrality's Fate

Big Picture Panel - Valerie Ervin, Senior Adviser-Working Families Party & Julio Rivera, Newsmax. While all eyes have been on the GOP trying to steal people's healthcare - Donald Trump as nominated a corporate telecom lawyer named. Brendan Carr to serve as the FCC's third Republican commissioner. And on a commission that only has 5 commissioners - that could mean the end of net neutrality as we know it.

Trump Exposes His Inner-Bully

On tonight’s Big Picture, Thom talks with Patty Lovera about the EPA’s new rule that will dismantle the protections to your drinking water. Then he talks with Shelby Emmett and Isaiah Poole about Trump’s twitter tantrum, Mitch McConnells possible bribing of senators to pass the republican health bill, and why Trump can’t keep his campaign promises.

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