Trump's Economy Means Americans Can't Afford to Buy Homes

Is Donald Trump's economy putting millennial out of house and home?

Mueller Investigation Report, Part 29 : Carter Page (Pt. 2)

Thom continues to read the Mueller investigation report, with more on Carter Page.

Mueller Investigation Report, Part 28 : Carter Page

The background on Carter Page, taken from the Mueller Report.

If We Don't Stop Trump's Border Policy, We Are To Blame!

If we don't stop what Trump is doing at the border right now, we are going to be responsible for Trump's crimes too.

Native Americans Protect Amazon From Oil Drilling

Native Americans are working to protect the Amazon rainforest from oil drilling and damage.

How Brett Kavanaugh Saved Trump and Doomed Democracy

Did Kavanaugh Saved Trump and Doomed Democracy?

Tax the Rich to Save Working Americans (w/ Richard Wolff)

Wealth Taxes are supported by not just the poor and middle class but even Billionaires agree with Elizabeth's Warren's wealth tax plan to save America.

Bernie Sanders On How Democratic Socialism Can Save America

Bernie Sanders explained Democratic Socialism to the world yesterday in a powerful speech. The Senator and 2020 Presidential hopeful joins the Thom Hartmann to explain his thoughts on democratic socialism.

Mueller Investigation Report, Part 25 : Papadopoulos' Plan

This section of the Mueller Report reveals Papadopoulos's plan with the Russians

Border Crisis Confusion: Is the Republican Party a Cult?

The border crisis engineered by the Trump administration has clear logical solutions none of which include locking children in cages, but the Republican party is not interested in solving them. They are following their Trump's lead and Trump is leading the US straight to fascism.

Climate Change Concentration Camps

Family separation is one of the most controversial actions the Trump administration has taken and now the victims of climate change may be the next locked in cages.

Will Democracy Survive Billionaires?

America is a deeply divided nation right now and that divide is being exploited by the rich.

Mueller Investigation Report, Part 25 : George Papadopoulos Pt. 3

Another section of the Mueller Report, featuring George Papadopoulos.

Stopping the Attacks on Social Security

Social Security is under attack and Alex Lawson of Social Security Works knows how to stop the attacks and expand social security coverage and medicare.

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The American Dream is Alive & Well In China

Thom plus logo As we are seeing millions of people in the streets in Hong Kong becoming politically active, we also learned that roughly 70% of Chinese millennials already own their own homes.
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