The Thom Hartmann Program 3/17/2020

-- Get in the F*cking Line Behind the Rest of us Human Beings Here

Are Democrats Returning To Kennedy Legacy? (w/ Kathleen Kennedy Townsend)

Eldest daughter of Robert Kennedy joined Thom Hartmann to discuss the return to the values of Robert Kennedy and how this will lead Democrats to a victory against Trump.

Should Paid Sick Leave Be Mandatory?

How can people survive when they are forced to go to work even when they are sick? Should paid sick leave be mandatory so people can continue living their lives without infecting everyone else?

Do Economic Downfalls Follow Pandemics?

What really caused the Great Depression? And did the Spanish Flu ten years earlier contribute to the historic economic crash?

Trump National Address Disaaster Lies To America world

Donald Trump Addressed the Nation to quell fears about the Corona Virus, instead he lied.

History Proves Conservative Wrong On Economy

How do economies work and how can economies be brought out of economic down spirals.

For Profit Insurance Has Incentive To Deny You Care (w/ Melinda St. Louis)

How greedy is our insurance health industry, who want to profit from the coronavirus pandemic? They are taking in huge amount of money, so where are the COVID-19 tests to save lives?

The Truth About The Corona Virus Test Kits!

Donald Trump says that anyone who wants to be tested for the Coronavirus can be but we are seeing different things happening from people who try to get tested, Whats the truth about the Corona Virus Tests?

Covid-19 Could Be America's "Black Swan" Event

What would happen to the American Economy if there was a Black Swan event and could Covid-19 be that event?

Overcrowded Prisons Petri-Dish For Corona Virus

Will America's overcrowded prisons prove to be a petri-dish for new viruses and lock the Corona Virus inside United States borders?

Is Over Population A Threat To The Planet?

Is overpopulation a real problem to contend with or could the planet's resources be better used to meet the needs of a growing population?

Could COVID-19 Remove Trump From Office?

Donald Trump's response to COVID-19 could open up the option for his removal through the 25th Amendment.

Why Only Rebellion Can Save Mankind From Climate Breakdown (w/ Roger Hallam)

Extinction Rebellion was formed by 15 people in Bristol, UK and has spread around the world. Can the political establishment come to terms with the rebellion?

Fukushima: Nine Years Later Still Glowing (w/ Kevin Kamps)

Nine years on from Fukushima, the Japanese government are forcing people to return to their homes, despite the dangers of radioactivity.

The Thom Hartmann Program 3/11/2020

-- Should The 25th Amendment Be Invoked to Get Trump Out of Office - Due to His handling Of the Coronavirus?

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The Truth about Corona Virus Testing

Today on The Science Revolution - What's the truth on corona virus testing? And- why has Trump refused to accept the affordable World Health Organization test that the entire rest of the world is using?.. Melinda St. Louis is here on how health insurers' conduct is "outrageous" given the coronavirus pandemic.. Robert Weissman on how Public Citizen and 70 other organizations are calling on Trump to prevent big-pharma from profiteering on the pandemic... And Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear is also here about the ongoing Fukushima disaster... In Geeky Science - find out what happens if you walk just 30 minutes a day. Check it out...

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Coronavirus Crash: Worse Than Great Depression?

Thom plus logo The coronavirus crash has turned the fact that we don't make anything in America anymore from a topic for philosophical and political debate into a crisis in our hospitals causing people to die and endangering our frontline health care workers.
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