The Thom Hartmann Program 3/11/2020

-- Should The 25th Amendment Be Invoked to Get Trump Out of Office - Due to His handling Of the Coronavirus?

Has America Become Victims Of Our Success?

Can America survive its own decadence?

Why It's Reasonable To Fear Coronavirus

This isn't hysteria, fearing what the coronavirus can do, is perfectly reasonable, find out why here.

Is America on Edge of Recession? (w/ Richard Wolff)

Between the Corona Virus, the price of oil and an already unstable economy, America might be on the edge of the next great Republican recession. Richard Wolff drops by.

Is The US Military Hiding Its Corona Virus Cases

A military mom calls in with devastating news, her son stationed in Afghanistan is sick, but the military either won't test or isn't testing the troops for Covid-19

Why We're Polarized?

Identity Politics, intersectionality, are these tools we can use to help shape a better future for American democracy or, is America misusing them and just becoming further divided?

Is Profit More Important Than Public Health? (w/ Robert Weissman)

Is Trump holding back on COVID-19 testing, to make sure that his buddies can make huge profits from vaccines?

Can A Constitutional Amendment Stop Election Fraud?

A constitutional Right to Vote, could stop the disparity we are seeing in our elections and exit polls, why don't we have it yet?

The End of Moderate Democrats?

Are we witnessing the end of moderate democrats, neoliberalism and more? The progressive revolution is already underway. Find out how.

Diary Of A Coronavirus Surivior

What is it like to live through the Coronavirus? Covid-19 is rocking havoc on the world and here is how one person survived

Do You Have A Mind's Eye?

Can you see what others describe? Turns out not everyone can, find out if you might be special.

The Economic Crash Of 2020

Can the Federal Reserve continue to pump money into the economy forever?

How Trade Policies Could Determine A Nation's Economy

How do poor countries become rich? Thom Hartmann explains how protectionist trade policies

Is Rush Limbaugh's Conspiracy Theory Right?

Hell hasn't frooze over, Rush Limbaugh might be right about this conspiracy theory about Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party.

Why The People "Should" Pick The President

who should pick the president, the people or superdelegates and backroom deals?

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The Truth about Corona Virus Testing

Today on The Science Revolution - What's the truth on corona virus testing? And- why has Trump refused to accept the affordable World Health Organization test that the entire rest of the world is using?.. Melinda St. Louis is here on how health insurers' conduct is "outrageous" given the coronavirus pandemic.. Robert Weissman on how Public Citizen and 70 other organizations are calling on Trump to prevent big-pharma from profiteering on the pandemic... And Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear is also here about the ongoing Fukushima disaster... In Geeky Science - find out what happens if you walk just 30 minutes a day. Check it out...

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How Many Americans are Republicans Willing to Let Die In Order to Win Elections?

Thom plus logo The Republican war on voting rolls on. The Republican-controlled Wisconsin Supreme Court, and the Republican-controlled US Supreme Court have both, over the loud objection of their own members, ruled that physical, in-person elections must happen in Wisconsin today.
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