Is Coronavirus The Best Argument For Universal Healthcare?

Is covering healthcare a national security issue? How does maintaining the health of citizen's affect a nation's security and why is this the best argument for medicare for all?

Will Sanders Be Cheated Out of 553,000 Votes? (w/ Greg Palast)

Bernie Sanders is going to be screwed and cheated out of over 553,000 votes on Super Tuesday in California according to Greg Palast. Is YOUR votes one of those – and how would you know?

Who is the Most Electable Democratic Candidate

Which remaining 2020 Democratic Candidate is the most electable? Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren?

Mike Pence Pushes Corona Virus Conspiracy!

Republicans are suggesting that the Coronavirus is merely an attack by democrats on President Trump?

The Roots Of Democratic Socialism In Our Constitution

Does Democratic Socialism have its roots in the United States constitution? Thom Hartmann and friend of the show, Mayne discuss socialism.

How Cuba Solved Homelessness

How was Cuba able to.solve the problem of homelessness and can America do it?

Can Hand Sanitizer Stop Corona Virus?

What are the everyday things we can do to stop the spread of illnesses like Corona Virus? Thom Hartmann, speaks to an emergency room nurse to find out more.

Mulvaney: “Hoax of the Day” - Seriously? (w/ Laurie Garrett)

Some people in the Trump administration are calling COVID-19 ‘hoax of the day’ because the left has run out of things to attack Trump. Are they seriously putting politics before the health of the nation? It seems that way.

The Truth Behind Social Security's Surplus Exposed

Social Security is running a surplus, but it won't last forever, find out the truth behind Social Security's surplus budget and how Republicans will try to privatize social security in the coming years as well as how we can stop them,

Why Are Americans Not Protected Against COVID-19? (w/ Dr. Leana Wen)

Why do Americans think they don’t need to wear protective clothing when meeting people who have had contact with the Coronavirus COVID-19 especially around the military bases?

Portrait Of A Very Stable Genius (w/ Carol D. Leonnig)

Donald Trump, self-described, "Very Stable Genius" is anything but. A new book by Carol D. Leonnig, examins whether Trump is stable, or unstable.

Can We Stop The Next Extinction? (w/ Nele Marien)

Is it possible to slow or even stop mass extinctions? Friends of the earth's Nele Marien joins Thom Hartmann to discuss.

Mark Pocan On Dangers of Corona Virus

Congressman Mark Pocan joins the program to discuss how Donald Trump's administration is already mishandling the Corona Virus.

Is America the Least Prepared for Coronavirus Outbreak?

Donald Trump is coming after Bernie Sanders for increasing federal spending, while Trump cuts key infrastructure that could leave America vulnerable to the Coronavirus or something similar.

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The Truth about Corona Virus Testing

Today on The Science Revolution - What's the truth on corona virus testing? And- why has Trump refused to accept the affordable World Health Organization test that the entire rest of the world is using?.. Melinda St. Louis is here on how health insurers' conduct is "outrageous" given the coronavirus pandemic.. Robert Weissman on how Public Citizen and 70 other organizations are calling on Trump to prevent big-pharma from profiteering on the pandemic... And Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear is also here about the ongoing Fukushima disaster... In Geeky Science - find out what happens if you walk just 30 minutes a day. Check it out...

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We're All in Mourning For Our Way of Life. How Are You Working Around it?

Thom plus logo While we're all experiencing shock and anger at how Trump has created a crisis in America by lying and procrastinating and grandstanding, there's a larger emotion that's reaching deep into the lives of many of us: Grief.
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